is an independent non-aligned producer, musician and DJ based in the South West of England.  His two main projects BiggaBush and Lightning Head reflect his love of a huge range of musical styles and he has produced albums for various labels including Sonar Kollektiv and Stereo Deluxe as well as numerous remixes.  He has also collaborated with Finnish musician Hanna Ylitepsa on progressive rock project The Black Albumen.

Through the 90s he was known for his work with Birmingham (UK) based Rockers Hi Fi, working with Richard “DJ Dick” Whittingham on a string of albums for Island, WEA and K7 records along with remixes for Ella Fitzgerald, Ennio Morricone, Sly & Robbie and many others.

Lion Head Recordings was set up in 2007 as the main vehicle for BiggaBush’s musical output, starting with “BiggaBush In Dub” and moving on to release his Lightning Head material.  The label also handles the back catalogue of Rockers Hi Fi and side projects such as Airgoose, Moody White and Switchblade Sisters.

Music By The Yard is a 2011 album from BiggaBush – 23 tracks of instrumental hip hop, incidental music, prog rock and library grooves.

BiggaBush’s DJing style is eclectic, taking in a wide spectrum of dance styles with the emphasis on un-formularized tunes and originality over familiarity – although he is always on the hunt for interesting cover versions and mashups.

BiggaBush DJ mixes on Mixcloud                                     BiggaBush on Soundcloud

In addition to DJing, he co-led the 20-piece percussion group, the Magic Drum Orchestra from 2005-2015, which played a wide range of grooves on traditional Brazilian samba instruments; their own take on afrobeat, hip hop, drum & bass, house and funk. Their album “MDO” is available from Tru Thoughts

Another recent BiggaBush project is The Dandelion Set – a collaboration with long-time friend PK Chown, featuring Sam Coppen on clarinet, alto sax and vocals.

A heady mix of psychedelia, prog, folk, early electronics, hauntology with beautiful sounds created on harpsichord, 12 string and acoustic guitars, electric bass, moog, woodwinds, autoharp, fat beats, tripped-out effects.  Their debut album, “A Thousand Strands” featured collaborations with the writer Alan Moore and is released on the Buried Treasure label.

BiggaBush on Bandcamp                                    The Dandelion Set on Bandcamp


Some reactions to the music of The Dandelion Set:

This is really beautiful stuff man!
Andrew Lojero, Plug Research/Art Don’t Sleep

This is nice stuff
Richard Dorfmeister

Really digging this stuff…very groovy!
Tim “Love” Lee, Tummy Touch

Very nice indeed
Strictly Kev, DJ Food

I’ll certainly be playing your stuff in fact I’m loving it
Femi Fem,

thanks for hitting me up.
this is indeed up my alley – kind of like your own take on the hauntological nature of Ghost Box Records + BBC Radiophonics.
excellent stuff man
Mersenne, Undomundo

not bad at all, in a retro futurist way
Jonny Trunk

Lovely stuff!! I’m diggin’ your latest moves for sure.
Stephen Hernandez,
Radio Phoenix

Thanks for sending…I’m interested in everything you do
Garth Trinidad

Love this stuff, not so far from my own.
Ollie Cherer, Dollboy

Beau Rocker, Original Dub Dynamite

I love it.  It sounds really special