BiggaBush Special Mix

Tracks from now and then including the Melody & Electronics EP on mixcloud

New BiggaBush remix album

Out now on bandcamp and juno downloads

BiggaBush remixes now on soundcloud

I’m gradually adding all my back catalogue to my soundcloud page, starting with a bunch of remixes going back to the early 00s.  Some classics in there, mostly unheard since their original release on vinyl.

Do check em out.

BiggaBush DJ mix on KCRW

Check the exclusive Bigga Reps MDO DJ mix for Jeremy Sole’s show on KCRW – available till Thurs 27 March only.


01 Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime Instrumental edit
02 Magic Drum Orchestra – Get Up
03 Lightning Head – Message Beats
04 Patrick Dawes – Garden of Love
05 Blast Head – Mangrove Monkey (BiggaBush Unreleased Version)
06 Benga & Coki – Night (SDP Dub)
07 Lightning Head – Second Line Stomp
08 Geode – Get Dem
09 Magic Drum Orchestra – Crunked Up
10 The NPG – BiggaBush presents Lightning Head

Magic Drum Orchestra – MDO Sessions EP1 out now

The first EP from the forthcoming MDO album, featuring drums-only versions of Benga’s Crunked Up and Snoop Dogg’s Drop It Like It’s Hot

Magic Drum Orchestra sign to Tru Thoughts

MDO Sessions 1 EP cover

MDO Sessions 1 EP cover

The Magic Drum Orchestra is a 20+ piece percussion group led by Glyn “Bigga” Bush and Ralph Cree.  After nearly 10 years and 100 different drummers the band have recently signed to Brighton-based label Tru Thoughts, on which their first EP “MDO Sessions 1” is released on 10 March.

The EP features their ultra-heavy version of Benga’s dubstep anthem “Crunked Up” along with live showstopper “Drop It Like A Funky Muppet” (based on Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams’ hip hop classic) along with stunning original material.

All drums. (With bells and whistles)…



BiggaBush Deep Mix Jan 2014

BiggaBush Deep Mix Jan 2014 by Biggabush on Mixcloud

The Dandy Hour Episode 11

The Dandy Hour Episode 11 by Thedandelionset on Mixcloud

01 The Dandelion Set – Game Plan
02 The Dandelion Set – The Third Programme
03 John Barry – 007 & Counting
04 Minny Pops – Kojak
05 Diplo – Sarah
06 Cecil Leuter & Georges Teperino – Electro Sounds No 8
07 Visitors – Visitors
08 Egg – Long Piece No 3 Part 2
09 Casualties of Jazz – Luke’s Wall/War Pigs
10 Flaming Lips – Are You A Hypnotist?
11 Schnauser – I Wuv You Mummy
12 Jon Poole – Swim My Own Blood
13 Bigga Productions – Cyclogyro
14 Lisa Carbon – Dry Clean America
15 Suicide – Rocket USA
16 Craig Armstrong – Starless II 

BiggaBush Free now available on bandcamp

The first BiggaBush solo album after the demise of Rockers Hi Fi was “BiggaBush Free”, originally released on Stereo Deluxe in 2004.  The album title stems from a desire to break away from some of the conventions and habits of the normal Bush working method and produce some fresh sounds.  Still sounding fresh after 10-years, its anniversary is marked by a digital re-issue available via bandcamp.



The Dandy Hour Episode 9

The Dandy Hour Episode 9 by Thedandelionset on Mixcloud

01 The Dandelion Set – Game Plan
02 ATV ident
03 Ralph Vaughan Williams – Symphony No 6 in E minor/Escape Into Night intro
04 Deerhoof – Buck & Judy
05 Pointer Sisters – Pinball Number Count
06 Cathedral – The Guessing Game
07 MGMT – Siberian Breaks excerpt 1
08 Radio Tirana Station ident
09 Robert Wyatt – Solar Flares
10 Stereolab – Vodiak
11 Family of God – Moog Over Easy
12 Egg – Symphony No2, Movement 2
13 Wu Tang vs. The Beatles – City High (instrumental)
14 BiggaBush – False Time
15 Faust – Psalter
16 King Crimson – Groon
17 Cathedral – One Dimensional People
18 MGMT – Siberian Breaks excerpt 2
19 Jacky Chalard – Les Scandales
20 Jimmy Campbell – In My Room
21 Caribou – Melody Day