New BiggaBush remix album

Out now on bandcamp and juno downloads

Traffic Jam 7″ now on bandcamp

The extremely rare Japanese 7″ import of the biggabush version of Stephen Marley’s Traffic Jam is now available on bandcamp, along with a download.

There were only about 100 of these ever pressed so grab one while you can.

Traffic Jam (El Head Version) cover art


The Dandelion Set ep

All digital formats available on this 7 track ep on bandcamp.

Some early reactions to the music of The Dandelion Set:

This is really beautiful stuff man!
Andrew Lojero, Plug Research/Art Don’t Sleep

This is nice stuff
Richard Dorfmeister

Really digging this stuff…very groovy!
Tim “Love” Lee, Tummy Touch

Very nice indeed
Strictly Kev, DJ Food

I’ll certainly be playing your stuff in fact I’m loving it
Femi Fem,

thanks for hitting me up.
this is indeed up my alley – kind of like your own take on the hauntological nature of Ghost Box Records + BBC Radiophonics.
excellent stuff man
Mersenne, Undomundo

not bad at all, in a retro futurist way
Jonny Trunk

Lovely stuff!! I’m diggin’ your latest moves for sure.
Stephen Hernandez,
Radio Phoenix

Thanks for sending…I’m interested in everything you do
Garth Trinidad

Love this stuff, not so far from my own.
Ollie Cherer, Dollboy

Beau Rocker, Original Dub Dynamite

I love it.  It sounds really special

Music By The Yard – BiggaBush

BiggaBush’s latest album is available to download through bandcamp.


Really digging the tracks”   Tim “Love” Lee, Tummy Touch

An interesting and rewarding listen”   Rob Luis, Tru Thoughts

“The kind of intelligent music one expects from Bigga Bush, and doesn’t hear often enough elsewhere.”   DJ Sep, Dubmission San Francisco

Great job at creating a 23 track album that flows together so well as parts of a cohesive work while remaining dynamic and evolving throughout. In some ways it sounds like a soundtrack to the movie of one of those unexpected ‘best nights of your life’, with Steve McQueen in the lead.

Thoughts of Chairman Nao has been in heavy rotation”  Joe Rice, Justice League Sound System, SF

“Music by the yard, beats by the pound, tunes by the river bank! A veritable cornucopia of crucial cuts and nuggety … er nuggets. Its like an assorted choc box of Under My Glyn Tings but they’re all different and all your favourite flavour”  Jim Pinckney, Stinky Grooves 95bFM NZ

Just …. WOW for the new album. Turkish/Goblin/Library/Sabbath-riffing-tastic!”   Phil Jones, Polish Jazz Radio, Warsaw, Poland

Really cool music, per usual! I’m really enjoying the grooves   Velanche Stewart,Urban Landscapes radio show, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

“Great news, great sounds… eclectic & rich as expected. Will defo play out the slower jams on my Balearic radio shows the next weeks…congrats & good to have you back!”   George Solar, Radio Illa 25 Formantera, Ibiza Sonica, Spain

Diggin’ it big time. Deliciously surprising. Love its’ psychedelic feel!!”   Borja, Lovemonk Recordings, Spain

Real nice music”  Daniel Haaksman, Man Recordings, Berlin

This is an amazing album, the problem is the huge amount of music on it makes it hard to pay the attention it deserves. Truly astonishing work, I’m very impressed by the incredible mixing, and how rich and crunchy, warm and detailed the elements all sound. I need a week to go through everything.DJ Kaspar, Groovement, Portugal

Sounds great”  Jason Bentley, KCRW, LA

Since I love HipHop, and especially good beats, I love this album.”  Marcus Maack, Vinylizer Wobwob, Hamburg

All over the place in the very best NOW kind of way. Jamming all the right and wrong buttons down at the same time and making a glorious post-everything noise.  Ace.”  Ollie Cherer, Dollboy, UK

Lion Head Compilation Volume One

Lion Head Recordings presents its first collection of tracks compiled by founder Glyn “Bigga” Bush, featuring his musical projects old and new as a taster for the label, along with some rare and previously unreleased tracks.

Coming soon on bandcamp


BiggaBush in Dub


BiggaBush in Dub is a collection of tracks produced between 2003 and 2006 and originally compiled for the Big Chill Festival in August 2006. 

Lightning Head – 13 Faces of Lightning Head

BiggaBush presents “13 Faces of Lightning Head” – thirteen cuts with a heavy afrobeat influence, mixed in with elements of dub poetry, afro-jazz, deep funk, rap and dub. With guest vocalists Earl Zinger, Candice Cannabis and Lariman Ojelade.

Visit our Bandcamp site to preview and purchase tracks in all formats



BiggaBush – BiggaBush Free

BiggaBush Free was originally released by Stereo Deluxe in 2004 and features guest appearances from G-Rina, Sofiah Thom and PK Chown from Blue Planet Sound as well as turntable tricknology from Jay Rees of Deep South Progression.

This 320 kB mp3 album features the full 12 track album plus bonus tracks – remixes from DJ Fitchie (Fat Freddy’s Drop), Tweak, BiggaBush and Nostalgia 77.

Download from bandcamp

Lightning Head – Studio Don

The first Lightning Head album ranges from freewheeling dub to batucada to latin-inflected piano and brass stabs, taking you on a journey from Kingston JA to Havana Cuba. Guest vocalists Farda P (Rockers Hi Fi), Singing Bird, Patrice Bart-Williams and Monterria. Features the classic dancehall mutant “Me & Me Princess” plus bonus tracks.

Available in all download formats on bandcamp