Podcast 19

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01 Gökçen Kaynatan – Doganin Otesi

02 Broadcast – The Aphid Sleeps

03 Whitfield Bros – Ntu

04 Slumgullion – Castevania

05 Madlib – Jungle Sounds

06 Luke Vibert – Mate Tron

07 Deerhoof – Hot Mint Air Balloon

08 Mohd Ashraf feat. Nahid Aktar – Ho Jeth Ji Aaj Main

09 Olivera Vuca – Eri

10 Jack Parnell and His Rhythm – White Suit Samba (1951)

11 Sun Ra – Sun Procession (extr.)

12 Anadolu Bayramlari – Titrmek Ve Terlemek   

13 Deerhoof – The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill

14 Basil Kirchin – Running Fight

15 Gwenno – Koweth Ker

16 Chocolatiers – Peckin

17 Aphex Twin – 1 Diskhat ALL prepared1mixed 13 1

18 Ravi Shankar – Raga Rasia 

Podcast Twelve

Podcast Twelve on soundcloud

01 Steve Gray – Go For Broke

02 Nico Gomez &His Afro Percussion Inc – Ritual

03 The Residents – Boo Who?

04 Can – Oscura Primavera

05 Tangerine Peel – Trapped

06 Amon Duul II – Soap Shop Rock (ext)

07 Deerhoof – The Perfect Me

08 Thee Oh Cees – Transparent World

09 Madlib Invazion mixed by J Rocc (ext)

10 J Dilla – Make It Fast (unadulterated Mix feat Diz Gibran)

11 Madlib – Rock Konducta (Exts from Side A/Side B)

12 Captain Beyond – A Thousand Days of Yesterday

13 Todd Rundgren – International Feel

14 Paul Bonneau – Univers Sideral

15 Olivier Messiaen – Chant d’Amour 1 (ext)

16 The Jimi Entley Sound – Charlie’s Theme

17 Amon Duul II – Halluzination Guillotine

18 Jefferson Airplane – Today (Diplo beat-up)

19 The Free Design – Harve Daley Hix (Stereolab remix)

20 Gorillaz – Welcome to the Plastic Beach

21 MF DOOM – Tick Tock

22 Glyn Bigga Bush – Baked Beats

Originally broadcast as BBDig#9.

BiggaBush Podcast Three




We kick off with a piece from Space, Energy & Light Experimental Electronic and Acoustic Soundscapes 1961 – 88, as ever a beautifully researched and packaged collection of synthesiser explorations from Sounds of the Universe, who also give us a couple of tunes from their excellent Soul of A Nation album.  Steve Reich gets a both a reggae treatment from Jimi Tenor and the hypnotic sound of a blackbird singing ever more slowly from Chris Hughes Shift album.

A quick trawl though John Peel’s archive (see Podcast Two) inspired Kidkanevil on First Word Recordings.

Can offer 7″ worth of pleasure from their fine Singles LP – a brief tribute to the late Holger Czukay who died earlier in 2017.

Lalo Schifrin is a favourite film composer and I have very fond memories of watching Mission Impossible as a kid and loving the incidental music, especially those extended snare and flute pieces…which I still haven’t been able to track down, but Bower Hotel catches the vibe.  Also on the soundtrack front is a piece from The Prisoner soundtrack – another fave from my 60s TV watching days.

There are a couple of tracks from my “Sunken Foal Stories” project which is due out sometime in 2018 (pressing plants willing). This started off as an idea to grab two of three records at random from my collection and sample short sections with the idea of working quickly and with no specific idea of an overall sound or direction.  Inevitably I started applying some sort of filters almost immediately and I was drawn towards charity shop and carboot albums, obscure foreign albums, spoken word and jazz stuff.  Tracks took on a life of their own and within four weeks I had the basis of the whole album – short tracks, uneven length loops, odd juxtapositions, a very cinematic feel….I sent an early draft to Schamoni who released the Melody & Electronics EP in 2017 and they got it straight away, hence the release plans.

Lisa Carbon is an alias of Atom TM – well worth checking out his prodigious output, especially as Senor Coconut.

Designer Julian House puts on his Focus Group hat for another bonkers collection of strange sounds, tape glitches and easy listening samples.  His redesign of the Ghost Box website is also well worth a look, as are all his sleeve designs for Broadcast and Stereolab.

Another Nahid Akhtar track found its way into the mix, just can’t get enough of her Bollywood stylings at the moment.

I found the Gordon Beck album “Experiments With Pops” in a great record shop in nearby Bridport and felt compelled to share this amazing version of the Beach Boys classic.  It also features a very young John McLaughlin tearing up and down the fretboard.






We end with a Sun Ra cover played by probably the most amazing big band I’ve ever seen, the Spatial AKA Orchestra, put together by Jerry Dammers with a huge lineup, two bassists, timps, 18-piece brass section, drums, percussion, vibes and the wonderful Zoe Rahman on Fender Rhodes.  This track was recorded from a Later with Jools Holland broadcast and to date the band sadly have not put out any studio recordings.





Thanks for listening and feel free to comment.

Podcast Three tracklisting

01 Carl Matthews – As Above, So Below

02 Kidkanevil – A Love That’s Worth Sampling

03 Phil Ranelin – Vibes From the Tribe

04 Jimi Tenor/Steve Reich – Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices & Organ

05 Can – Shikako Manu Ten

06 Philip Cohran & The Artistic Heritage Ensemble – Malcolm X

07 Lalo Schifrin – Bower Hotel

08 Glyn Bigga Bush – Teahead of Time

09 Lisa Carbon – Space Oddity

10 Chris Hughes – Slow Motion Blackbird

11 The Focus Group – New Toytown Walk

12 M. Ashraf feat. Nahid Akhtar – Dilbar Dilbara

13 Gordon Beck Quartet – Good VIbrations

14 Ariel Kalma – Zdunkska Wola

15 Prisoner OST – Mini Moke & Speedboat Escape

16 Glyn Bigga Bush – The Tincleton Now

17 Spatial AKA – Soul Vibrations of Man

The Dandy Hour Episode 11

The Dandy Hour Episode 11 by Thedandelionset on Mixcloud

01 The Dandelion Set – Game Plan
02 The Dandelion Set – The Third Programme
03 John Barry – 007 & Counting
04 Minny Pops – Kojak
05 Diplo – Sarah
06 Cecil Leuter & Georges Teperino – Electro Sounds No 8
07 Visitors – Visitors
08 Egg – Long Piece No 3 Part 2
09 Casualties of Jazz – Luke’s Wall/War Pigs
10 Flaming Lips – Are You A Hypnotist?
11 Schnauser – I Wuv You Mummy
12 Jon Poole – Swim My Own Blood
13 Bigga Productions – Cyclogyro
14 Lisa Carbon – Dry Clean America
15 Suicide – Rocket USA
16 Craig Armstrong – Starless II 

The Dandy Hour Episode 7 – Summer Special 2013

The Dandy Hour Episode 7 – 2013 Summer Special by Thedandelionset on Mixcloud

01 Theme from ‘Game Plan’  – The Dandelion Set
02 Radio Sweden interval signal
03 Cosmic Ice Cream Van (extract) – The Dandelion Set
04 Death Wish – Geoff Love & his Orchestra
05 Nem Erdekel Amit Mondsz – Illes
06 Primitive Spirit – Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen
07 Prologue – Pierre Henry
08 Sonic Re-entry – Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan
09 Along came Sam – Spleen
10 Rainbows -Madvillain
11 Altarra, Princess of the Blue Women – Julian’s Treatment
12 Sonne= Blackbox – Ursula Bogner
13 Glass Menagerie Fantasies – Bobb Trimble
14 Love without Sound – White Noise
15 Emperor’s Main Course – Kid Koala
16 I Spy- Dick Hyman
17 Riding Tigers -Slapp Happy & Henry Cow
18 Man from Nowhere – Jack Arel
19. Singing in the Dark – Bruno Spoerri
20 Xylophagus – Eddie Warner
21. Pamela – Ultimate Spinach
22. Wild Trumpets – Pierre Dutour
23 Speck Vormess – Fid Mella
24 Danse & Atoms – Focus Group
25 Holy Wood – The Dandelion Set

The Dandy Hour Episode 6

The Dandy Hour -Episode 6 by Thedandelionset on Mixcloud

01 The Dandelion Set – Theme from Gameplan
02 Broadcast – The Equestrian Vortex
03 Kalyanji Anandj – Instrumental Music From Rafoo Chakkar
04 Mandingo – War Dance
05 Frank Sumatra & The Mob – The Story So Far
06 Spratley’s Japs – Vine
07 Faust – J’ai Mal Au Dents (J’ai Mal Au Pieds Aussi)
08 The Focus Group – Lifting Away
09 Cogs In Cogs Fanfare (Live 1975)
10 Cogs In Cogs (album version)
11 Gracious – Hell (introduction)
12 Frank Zappa – White Ugliness
13 Gracious – Hell
14 Soft Machine – Helloder/Dada Was Here
15 The Dandelion Set – Cold Heater
16 Henry Cow – Deluge
17 Albert Marcoeur – Tu Tapes Trop Fort
18 The Who – Underture
19 Deerhoof – Numina O
20 Modified Toy Orchestra – Toy RIff I.C.
21 Broadcast – Minim 1
22 Frank Zappa – My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
23 The Dandelion Set – Theme From Gameplan

The Dandelion Set

From the edge of the Black Forest to the hamlets of Dorset, digging deep into the archives of the collective unconscious THE DANDELION SET make psyched-out, blow-your-mind sound nuggets with the un-selfconscious freedom of the 70’s…
drawing from Library music, prog-folk, Krautrock and electronica these two nutty professors of sound, Julius Vanderbilt and Sinjin Makepeace weave a tapestry that depicts five decades of music history as witnessed through their ears….
music that is strange yet familiar to one and all…where the seeds of ideas,wisps of audio blown on the winds of fancy, take root and bloom into untamed flower..

More on Soundcloud

The Dandelion Set’s first ep is out on Juno download


1. A Clean Sweep

2. Pristina Strawberry Girl

3. Bloom

4. Tone Garden (Children’s Programme Version)

5. 9 Regal

6. Imogen’s People

Horror sounds


Just managed to catch the last showing of Peter Strickland‘s excellent new film Berberian Sound Studio at the Rex in Wareham, an original cinema staffed by volunteers with red velvet curtains and a cosy bar – the perfect place to see such a retro film.

Here’s an interview with Broadcast’s James Cargill who did much of the soundtrack (plus a great mix if some his top Italian film music) along with the late Trish Keenan, and here is a fascinating selection of some of Peter Strickland’s favourite film soundtracks.

Berberian Sound Studio itself is a must for any lover of analogue sound equipment, lovingly rendered in warm colours and the claustrophobic atmosphere of the studio itself, where melons are mashed, radishes ripped and moustachioed goblins and virginal maidens scream and skrike onto the sound track of an unseen Italian horror flick, or giallo, with shy, retiring and much put-upon sound engineer Gilderoy at the controls. The opening sequence (by Ghost Box/the Focus Group’s Julian House) of the film-within-a-film, The Equestrian Vortex is stunning, all blood-reds and Satanic blacks. You are definitely glad you don’t see any of the unspeakable horrors onscreen. The ending to me seemed slightly unsatisfying, but actually completely in keeping with that era of film, where it all goes a bit mystical and fades to white without any real explanation – a bit like 2001 A Space Odyssey. That said I’ll definitely watch it again.

And now a nice Super-8 film of some dogs from Peter Strickland’s blog:

Check out how Mitt Romney proposes to cut US taxes by $5 trillion.


The Music Library and other reading

This is my first post on WordPress, so hello to both my readers!  I was previously posting on blogspot so if you’re interested you can catch up on my sporadic bits there, here (here, there, everywhere).

Here’s my latest mix on Mixcloud featuring Luke Vibert, J Dilla, Ebo Taylor, Okayplayer’s Bollywood/hip hop mashup, a reggae cover of the Dr. Who theme, and more.

Thanks to my old mucker DJ Dick for the heads up on Radio 4’s recent programme on Library music, which reminded me a) to check out what presenter Jonny Trunk is up to with his fascinating website and label, Trunk Records, b) what a lovely book and CD he put together with help from Jerry Dammers, the Music Library

– always a source of inspiration, especially the artwork.

Oh, and c) – what a genius was Basil Kirchin, composer of albums such as Abstractions of the Industrial North

Basil Kirchin album cover

from which this is a nice track…..

and Primitive London

Basil Kirchin soundtrack album cover

also out on DVD which I’m looking forward to seeing, described as a 1965 Mondo film, complete with teddy boys, strippers, chicken processors and deviants of many types.

Apparently Kirchin, originally a jazz drummer, was way ahead of the curve having spent five months at a temple in India during the early 60s before moving to Sydney. Tragically all the master tapes of his band were lost when his belongings fell into the sea whilst being unloaded at the docks.

Nevertheless he produced some incredible library and soundtrack music which had an obvious influence on bands such as Stereolab and Broadcast (whose singer Trish Keenan sadly died earlier this year.  The last mixtape she made for a close friend is well worth checking out) I can even hear an influence on Soft Machine in some of his stuff.

One last plug for a book I’m reading at the moment

ostensibly a story of how an appreciation all modern music can be bookended by Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” and Alvin Lucier’s I Am Sitting In A Room (no me neither) it is in fact a masterful piece of rock journalism, a history of how and why Paul Morley became the greatest rock writer in the world (his words – but he’s probably right) but much more importantly it lists virtually all of the important musical, technological, cultural events of the modern age.  All in his own very readable style.