The BiggaBush Podcast – Episode One

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Podcast One Tracklisting:

01 Celio Balona – Tema de Batman    date unknown Bemol

02 Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Mellotron    1996 Nothing

03 Keith Mansfield – Statement 2 – Fanfare 1970 KPM

04 Brad Smith – Breathe (from Moon8 bit) 2010 (not on label)

05 Easy Star All Stars – On the Run 2003 Easy Star Records

06 Plug – 7.44 1996 Blue Angel

07 The Pops – Som Imaganario De Jimmi Hendrix 2010 Tropicalia In Furs

08 Meat Beat Manifesto – Prime Audio Soup (Vegetarian Soup remix by Boards of Canada) 1998 Nothing

09 Talc – Robot’s Return 1997 Wah Wah 45s

10 Luke Vibert/Jean Jacques Perrey – Ye Olde Beatbox 1997 Lo Recordings

11 La Formule du Baron – La Gigouille 1971 CBS

12 Francis Monkman – Daredevil 1978 Bruton

13 Frank Zappa – How Did That Get In Here? (extr.) 1967 Zappa

14 HP Lovecraft II – At the Mountains of Madness (extr.) 1968 Phillips

15 The Residents – Hello Skinny 1978 Ralph

16 Thee Oh Cees – Always Flying 2012 Castle Face

17 Cluster – Heisse Lippen 1974 Brain

18 Cavern of Anti-Matter – Irradiated Dream Mouth 2013 Grautag

19 The Residents – Beyond the Valley of A Day in the Life/Swastikas on Parade (extr.) 1976 Ralph

20 Magma – “Iss” Lanseï Doïa (extr.) 1971 Phillips

21 Pink Floyd – Jugband Blues 1968 Columbia

Continuous Play Episode 11 with BiggaBush

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01 Wagon Christ – Reedin (Redone) (extr.)

02 Johnny Darkos – Wargames

03 Madlib – Cue 5 (from Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton)

04 Fid Mella – Henny

05 Ursula Rucker – Electric Santeria

06 Turn On – Delimiting

07 Ariel Kalma – Ba-Tu-Kalma

08 Dit + Uta – Science Fiction Park Bundesrepublik

09 Kairon: IRSE! – Valorians

10 Blood Wine or Honey – The Young Ones

11The Auteurs vs µ-zik – Underground Movies

12 Elly & Rikkert – Heksenkring

13 OST Viva (extr.)

14 Albert Marcoeur – Appalderie

15 Ma Dukes Orchestra – Take Notice

16 Schnauser – Justice

17 Julius Vanderbilt – Passage to Cairo

18 Keith Mansfield – Rainbow Valley

19 Stereolab – Chemical Chords

20 Z.S.K.A. – La Surete Nr 3

21 Loyle Carner – Yesterday’s Gone

The Dandy Hour Episode 11

The Dandy Hour Episode 11 by Thedandelionset on Mixcloud

01 The Dandelion Set – Game Plan
02 The Dandelion Set – The Third Programme
03 John Barry – 007 & Counting
04 Minny Pops – Kojak
05 Diplo – Sarah
06 Cecil Leuter & Georges Teperino – Electro Sounds No 8
07 Visitors – Visitors
08 Egg – Long Piece No 3 Part 2
09 Casualties of Jazz – Luke’s Wall/War Pigs
10 Flaming Lips – Are You A Hypnotist?
11 Schnauser – I Wuv You Mummy
12 Jon Poole – Swim My Own Blood
13 Bigga Productions – Cyclogyro
14 Lisa Carbon – Dry Clean America
15 Suicide – Rocket USA
16 Craig Armstrong – Starless II 

The Dandy Hour Episode 8


The Dandy Hour Episode 8 by Thedandelionset on Mixcloud

1) Game Plan – The Dandelion Set
2) imagination – Sun Ra
3) Murder – Giles, Giles & Fripp
4) Harps Ascend – The Dandelion Set
5) Apricot – John Greaves & Peter Blegvad
6) Another Suburban Romance horns intro –
7) Catharsis – Barry Forgie
8) Lightworks – Raymond Scott (J Dilla rework)
9) Mongoose – Eden Abhez
10) Jazz Robot – James Beige
11) Songs of Innocence – David Axelrod
12) Duty free – Janko Nilovic
13) 9 Regal – The Dandelion Set
14) The Ice Cream Man Song (demo) – Wendy & Bonnie
15) Cosmic ice-cream van – The Dandelion Set
16) L’antartique – François de Roubaix
17) Geradewohl – Roedelius
18) Vitamin C – Can
19) The Plum Blossom – Yusef Lateef
20) Chemistry – Jon Hassell & Brian Eno
21) You can fall – Broadcast
22) Bloom – The Dandelion Set
23) The Cast & Crew (extract) – Nilsson

The Dandy Hour Episode 7 – Summer Special 2013

The Dandy Hour Episode 7 – 2013 Summer Special by Thedandelionset on Mixcloud

01 Theme from ‘Game Plan’  – The Dandelion Set
02 Radio Sweden interval signal
03 Cosmic Ice Cream Van (extract) – The Dandelion Set
04 Death Wish – Geoff Love & his Orchestra
05 Nem Erdekel Amit Mondsz – Illes
06 Primitive Spirit – Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen
07 Prologue – Pierre Henry
08 Sonic Re-entry – Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan
09 Along came Sam – Spleen
10 Rainbows -Madvillain
11 Altarra, Princess of the Blue Women – Julian’s Treatment
12 Sonne= Blackbox – Ursula Bogner
13 Glass Menagerie Fantasies – Bobb Trimble
14 Love without Sound – White Noise
15 Emperor’s Main Course – Kid Koala
16 I Spy- Dick Hyman
17 Riding Tigers -Slapp Happy & Henry Cow
18 Man from Nowhere – Jack Arel
19. Singing in the Dark – Bruno Spoerri
20 Xylophagus – Eddie Warner
21. Pamela – Ultimate Spinach
22. Wild Trumpets – Pierre Dutour
23 Speck Vormess – Fid Mella
24 Danse & Atoms – Focus Group
25 Holy Wood – The Dandelion Set

The Dandy Hour Episode 6

The Dandy Hour -Episode 6 by Thedandelionset on Mixcloud

01 The Dandelion Set – Theme from Gameplan
02 Broadcast – The Equestrian Vortex
03 Kalyanji Anandj – Instrumental Music From Rafoo Chakkar
04 Mandingo – War Dance
05 Frank Sumatra & The Mob – The Story So Far
06 Spratley’s Japs – Vine
07 Faust – J’ai Mal Au Dents (J’ai Mal Au Pieds Aussi)
08 The Focus Group – Lifting Away
09 Cogs In Cogs Fanfare (Live 1975)
10 Cogs In Cogs (album version)
11 Gracious – Hell (introduction)
12 Frank Zappa – White Ugliness
13 Gracious – Hell
14 Soft Machine – Helloder/Dada Was Here
15 The Dandelion Set – Cold Heater
16 Henry Cow – Deluge
17 Albert Marcoeur – Tu Tapes Trop Fort
18 The Who – Underture
19 Deerhoof – Numina O
20 Modified Toy Orchestra – Toy RIff I.C.
21 Broadcast – Minim 1
22 Frank Zappa – My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
23 The Dandelion Set – Theme From Gameplan

The Dandy Hour Episode 5

The Dandy Hour Episode 5 by Thedandelionset on Mixcloud

01 Gameplan -The Dandelion Set
02 ext from ‘The Third Man’
03 Title- Bruno Spoerri
04 Hollywood-  Ak-Momo
05 Little Red Riding Hood hits the road –  Robert Wyatt
06 Now Boarding/The Arrival – Hong Kong in the 60’s
07 Primitive London 1 -Basil Kirchin
08 Cosmic ice-cream van -The Dandelion Set
09 Hu-huhu – Fid Mella
10 G.P.O. Tower – Dudley Moore Trio
 including extract from 1970’s marijuana warning commercial
11 Teen tonic – Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier
12 The Garden of Earthly Delights – United states of america
13 Brink of Death – Childe Harold
14 Postaeolian Train Robbery – Cos
15 Simple Animal – Nathan Michel
16 Primitive London 6 – Basil Kirchin
17 Maypole – Magnet
18 Elegant Elephant- Broadcast
19 1000 Strands -The Dandelion Set
20 Ole Woam – Brenk
21 Ext. from Birdman -McDonald & Giles
22 Fitter Stoke Has a Bath – Hatfield & the North
23 Ext. from The American way of love – The United States of America

BiggaBush Mix May 2013

BiggaBush Mix May 2013 by Biggabush on Mixcloud


01 The Advisory Circle – Now Ends the Beginning
02 Bedazzled OST – Moon Time
03 Hidden Orchestra – Fourth Wall
04 Prince Fatty – Shimmy Shimmy Ya
05 Les Nubians – Makeda [DJ Spinna and Ticklah Mix]
06 Basic Hip – Del Close & John Brent
07 Letta Mbulu – What Is Wrong With Groovin
08 Badume’s Band & Selamnesh Zemene – Antchi Bizu
09 Bobby Womack – California Dreamin
10 Ray Cathode – Waltz In Orbit
11 Dollboy – Friendly Borders
12 Broadcast – Black Cat
13 Terry Thomas – Bring Back The Cat
14 Zombie Zombie – Assault On Precinct 13
15 MF Doom – Orris Root
16 Lone – Sea Spray
17 Mala – Como Como
18 Geode – Get Dem (Calski Rmx)
19 The Focus Group – Starry Wisdom
20 The Dandelion Set – Cosmic Variations

…speaking of the Dandelion Set, here’s couple of new vids we’ve made:

and an excellent new video from Jung Collective:

Dandelion Set ep out on Bandcamp

All digital formats available on this 7 track ep on bandcamp.

Some early reactions to the music of The Dandelion Set:

This is really beautiful stuff man!
Andrew Lojero, Plug Research/Art Don’t Sleep

This is nice stuff
Richard Dorfmeister

Really digging this stuff…very groovy!
Tim “Love” Lee, Tummy Touch

Very nice indeed
Strictly Kev, DJ Food

I’ll certainly be playing your stuff in fact I’m loving it
Femi Fem,

thanks for hitting me up.
this is indeed up my alley – kind of like your own take on the hauntological nature of Ghost Box Records + BBC Radiophonics.
excellent stuff man
Mersenne, Undomundo

not bad at all, in a retro futurist way
Jonny Trunk

Lovely stuff!! I’m diggin’ your latest moves for sure.
Stephen Hernandez,
Radio Phoenix

Thanks for sending…I’m interested in everything you do
Garth Trinidad

Love this stuff, not so far from my own.
Ollie Cherer, Dollboy

Beau Rocker, Original Dub Dynamite

I love it.  It sounds really special

Also check out the new Focus Group album the Elektrik Carousel on Ghost Box:

Bigga’s Best of 2012 Selection


BiggaBush Mix Best of 2012 by Biggabush on Mixcloud

This is inevitably something of a snapshot of some of the tunes that have floated my boat during the past 12 months (regardless of when they were released).  I have intentionally left out tracks that I’ve included on previous mixes – many of which could have qualified for this end of year round-up.

Here’s the tracklist followed by some background info:

1. Scrimshire – Sonolo
2. Super Hi Fi – March of the Frogs (Myles Boisen Mix)
3. Fid Mella – Marling
4. Little Brother – Lovin It (instrumental)
5. Prince Fatty – Shimmy Shimmy
6. Hot 8 Brass Band – Ghost Town
7. Jneiro Janel – Lock Down
8. Brenk – Concrete Jungle
9. Soul Sugar – Bon Esprit (alt mix)
10. Deerhoof – Flower
11. Paper Plane – What You Want
12. Andres – Step To The Side
13. Al Hirt – Senteries Charge (DJ Buzz & Preddy Edit)
14. Broadcast & The Focus Group – The Be Colony
15. Alice Russell – Got the Hunger (Ticklah remix)
16. dZihan & Kamien – Rockit
17. James Beige – 7 Brides
18. Paulo Zavallone – Papillon Rouge
19. James Johnston – Faces & Traces of Home
20. Scrimshire – All I Do (feat. Stac)
21. Brims – Anti Gandja
22. Cosmin TRG – Negligee
23. Lee Fields – Steam Train
24. Shark Move – Evil War
25. Ilaiyaraaja : S.P. Sailaja & Malaysia Vasudevan – Nettrikan – Raja Rani Jaaki
26. Bappi Lahiri – He Met Me In The Guest House
27. Wendy & Bonnie – It’s What’s Really Happening
28. Ennio Morricone – Adonai
29. Andres – Set U Free
30. Cosmin TRG – Broken Heart (Martyns DCM remix)
31. Ruff Sqwad – Xtra

A Free EP: Forgotten Songs cover art

(Hover over text for links)

Scrimshire is a name I’d noticed here and there but not really checked out his stuff till I stumbled across his very lovely re-edit of Stevie Wonder’s Golden Lady. He’s recently released a free mini-album of tracks that didn’t make it onto his “The Hollow” album.  He’s also part of the Wah Wah 45 label which in itself is a recommendation.

The Everlasting Mountain is an interesting blog he’s written about aspects of the creative and recording process, well worth a look. 

I’ve included two tracks from this ep, Sonolo for it’s widescreen production and shimmering strings, and All I Do, more of which later.

Super Hi Fi – March of the Frogs (Myles Boisen Mix)/Soul Sugar Bon Esprit (Alternate Mix)

“Dis s Good For You” is a nice new afro-flavoured comp from the Paris DJs with some excellent full live afrobeat, funk and reggae tracks.

Fid Mella – Marling/Brenk – Concrete Jungle

Vienna beat-smiths Fid Mella and Brenk Sinatra have been among my most-played this year, hence this track and Concrete Jungle.  Fid Mella’s album “Tatas Plottn” (“Daddy’s Discs”) melds his characteristic beat-chopping with a whole bunch of early 70s prog rock, soul and reggae samples, an irresistible combination to these ears.

Tatas Plottn cover artPredido (Gumbo II Teaser) cover art

Check em both out on bandcamp:

Fid Mella        Brenk

Little Brother – Lovin It (instrumental)

DJing in Turkey recently I heard these amazing 9th Wonder beats for the first time, sampling The Stylistics heart-rending “One Night Affair”. 

Prince Fatty – Shimmy Shimmy Ya

This HAS to be in the playlist a) because it was on Breaking Bad, TV’s own version of crystal meth for straight up addictive qualities and b) because I’ve only just come across Prince Fatty, contemporary dub-meister, in the spirit of the true Jamaican originals.  Also just found out it’s an Old Dirty Bastard cover – who’da thunk it?

Hot 8 Brass Band – Ghost Town

Blaring brass and a classic Specials song – nuff said.

Jneiro Janel – Lock Down

Still haven’t got to grips with his collab with Doom, which on paper should be amazing but hasn’t quite hit the spot yet, but here he is on his own doing the biz.


Deerhoof – Flower

Deerhoof still get frequent plays in my day to day travels and their new album Breakup Song is a fine return to form.


What You Want ft. Raashan Ahmad cover art

Paper Plane Project – What You Want

Feelgood beats and hip hop from Sydney, Australia,

Andres - II

Andres is a producer with a large body of work behind him on both a beats and a house tip.  Couldn’t resist his Step to the Side track which samples Roundabout by Yes nor the more uptempo Set U Free.

Al Hirt – Senteries Charge (DJ Buzz & Preddy Edit)

Another tune I picked up in Turkey played by our wonderful host Ahmet Gunes.

Al Hirt was an American trumpet player who was nicknamed ‘Jumbo’ and ‘The Round Mound of Sound’This cut is an edit by Dj Buzz & Preddy, yet more Viennese taste-makers who form part of the Waxolutionists crew.

Broadcast & The Focus Group – The Be Colony

I have raved about these on previous blogs so nothing to add except you can still hear the late, great Trish Keenan’s Mindbending Motorway Mix on soundcloud.

Trish's Mind Bending Motorway Mix

Alice Russell – Got the Hunger (Ticklah remix)

A recent search for new-ish non-JA reggae threw up Ticklah aka Victor Axelrod of Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra and sometime member of Easy Star All Stars whose work I was familiar but had neglected for quite a while. Like Prince Fatty, a master of the analogue process, live vintage instruments and of course the Roland Space Echo.

dZihan & Kamien – Rockit

Great version of the Herbie Hancock tune from Tom Middleton’s Crazy Covers comp.

James Beige – 7 Brides 

Two great friends of mine who are based in Basel, Switzerland and this is a track from their new mini-album Return of Make Believe. Look out for their DJ sets as Golightly and the Duke of Tunes.

Paulo Zavallone – Papillon Rouge

Hard-pressed to choose a favourite library track from the vast amount out there but 2012 was the year I finally got all three of the  excellent Music For Dancefloors series on Strut, of which this was the latest.

James Johnston – Faces & Traces of Home

Nice slow burner from the Boogie Originals geezer, see also 6th Borough Project, The Revenge and OOFT!

Scrimshire – All I Do (feat. Stac)

Had to include this as it appears to be a faithful cover of Tammi Terrell’s “All I Do Is Think About You”, as sampled by Medlar on his exquisite Terrell tune, which really should be in this playlist too.

Brims – Anti Gandja/Shark Move – Evil War

Another superb release from Now Again, this time a collection of proggy rock and raw funk from Indonesia, called Those Shocking Shaking Days.  Love the extreme Ozzy soundalike on Evil War.

Cosmin TRG – Negligee/Broken Heart (Martyn’s DCM remix)

Another new find, Romanian producer Cosmin Nicolae started out doing dubstep as TRG then moved into D&B and is now heading more into techno and deep house.

Everything he produces seems to have a really fresh sound….the remix of his Broken Heart is a particular favourite.

Lee Fields – Steam Train

Thanks to Alex Cooper (Southsound radio) for this and quite a few other tunes I’ve got into this year. On the excellent Desco (now Daptone) label.

Ilaiyaraaja : S.P. Sailaja & Malaysia Vasudevan – Nettrikan – Raja Rani Jaaki/Bappi Lahiri – He Met Me In The Guest House

A short foray into Bolly-and Kollywood sounds courtesy Andy Votel’s ever-dependable Finders Keepers label.  This music never fails to astonish and delight in equal measure.  Maybe it’s because it’s composed as a movie score, I just love the way the tunes mutate and switch gear in such a seamless way.

Wendy & Bonnie – It’s What’s Really Happening

Another Andy Votel connection as he picked one of their tracks for his Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word comps.  This sees the estranged 60s duo rocking out in a way that clearly was a major influence on Stereolab and Broadcast.

Ennio Morricone – Adonai

….speaking of whom this is the opening track on James Broadcast’s Mix for Outer Church, well worth checking for a diverse range of crazy Italian horror-related music.

Ruff Sqwad – Xtra

A late final addition of instrumental grime from an album perhaps surprising in it’s diversity and historical perspective on the evolution of 00s music…..thanks to these dedicated Fruity Loopers we now have the likes of Hudson Mohawke.

That’s all folks. Enjoy.