This Saturday (7.4.18) at Spiritland – BiggaBush on the decks

Come and hear BiggaBush on the incredible Spiritland sound system in Kings Cross, London…playing a 5 hour vinyl set ranging from Miles Davis to David Axelrod to krautrock to electronica to hip hop to dub to Bigga productions such as Rockers Hi Fi, Lighting Head, Magic Drum Orchestra and more…

You can also hear an exclusive preview of the new album from Glyn Bigga Bush –  Sunken Foal Stories, released on Lion Head Recordings/Schamoni Musik in May 2018.

Admisson free.  20:00 till 01:00.

Podcast 13

Luke Vibert Special Part 2

01 Cheesy (Amen Mix)

02 Riddim

03 Tuff Rinse

04 Military Jazz

05 I Freak Techniques

06 Don’t Fuck Around

07 Here IT Comes

08 7.44

09 Run

10 Feelings

11 Amen Andrews

12 Back On Time

13 Dbc

Podcast Ten


Listen on soundcloud

01 The Premise (intro)

02 Concertina Turner

03 De-Pimp Act

04 Blasted Wook

05 Rapperacid

06 Filthy Drummer

07 Funky Acid Stuff

08 Asheed

09 L Tronic

10 Brockley Spears

11 Flyover

12 Syntax

13 Homewerk

14 Rewind Selecta

15 Perkission

16 Dive & Lie Wrecked

17 Porn Shirtwee

18 Knockout

BiggaBush Podcast Seven

Listen on soundcloud

01 Afrodisiac Soundsystem – Gwen Guthrie vs. Tony Allen

02 Ade – Change the World (Shut Up & Dance remix)

03 Nuyorican Soul – The Nervous Track (Ballsy mix)

04 Beatbox feat. Chazzie – Keep On Jumpin’ (Ego-trip mix)

05 Luke Vibert – Back With Me

06 T Coy – Carino (Soul Mekanik’s Stage Left Version)

07 Mekon feat Schooly D – Skoolz Out (Les Rhythms Digitales remix)

08 Rockers Hi Fi – Stoned (Manali Cream mix)

09 Elektrassassin – EA6

10 The Revenge – Hold It

11 Fela Kuti – Shakara (Ossie’s Bump Edit)

12 Common – Go (DJ Prime remix)

13 Ursula Rucker – Untitled Flow (Kenny Dope main mix)

14 Octo Octa – I’m Trying

BiggaBush Podcast Six

Listen on soundcloud

01 Masta Ace – Young Black Intelligent

02 Doctor Stereo – Jet 2 Panama

03 The Beatconductor – Balanco

04 Collen & Webb – Downside Up

05 James Brown – Soul Power Pts 1&2

06 TKO/Fatback Band – Fat Peng

07 Bobby Byrd – I Got It

08 Luke Vibert – Confusion

09 Aphrodisiac Sound System – CK Mann vs Sugar Hill Gang

10 Staples Singers – Slippery People

11 BiggaBush – U Better Stop

12 Geode – 110 (edit)

13 Stone Roses vs Rakim – Fool’s Soul

14 Major Force vs Cut Chemist – The Re-Return of the Original Artform

BiggaBush Podcast Four









This week’s mix is aimed straight at your feet….and from there your hips, heart and head.  Lots of Reflex Revisions in there but he does it so well.

01 Sunshine (The Reflex Revision)

02 Blood Sweat & Tears – Spinning Wheel (The Reflex Wheel Spin)

03 Eric B & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul

04 Elektrons – Get Up (Greg Wilson remix)

05 Todd Osborn – November

06 David Bowie – Golden Years (The Reflex Revision)

07 Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime (The Reflex Revision)

08 Luke Vibert – Acid 2000

09 Deee-Lite – Groove Is In the Heart (The Reflex Revision)

10 Seiji – Loose Lips

11 Boxsaga vs Earlyman – Back Inside

12 Objekt – Theme From Q

13 David Bowie – Rebel Rebel (The Reflex Revision)

14 Longsy D – This Is Ska (Skacid mix)

15 Luke Vibert – Heard It All B4/Everybody

16 BiggaBush – Dingo Messiah

17 Recloose – Spirit Knows

18 Octo Octa – Move On/Let Go (De-stress mix)


The BiggaBush Podcast – Episode One

Hear on soundcloud or Tunein:

Podcast One Tracklisting:

01 Celio Balona – Tema de Batman    date unknown Bemol

02 Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Mellotron    1996 Nothing

03 Keith Mansfield – Statement 2 – Fanfare 1970 KPM

04 Brad Smith – Breathe (from Moon8 bit) 2010 (not on label)

05 Easy Star All Stars – On the Run 2003 Easy Star Records

06 Plug – 7.44 1996 Blue Angel

07 The Pops – Som Imaganario De Jimmi Hendrix 2010 Tropicalia In Furs

08 Meat Beat Manifesto – Prime Audio Soup (Vegetarian Soup remix by Boards of Canada) 1998 Nothing

09 Talc – Robot’s Return 1997 Wah Wah 45s

10 Luke Vibert/Jean Jacques Perrey – Ye Olde Beatbox 1997 Lo Recordings

11 La Formule du Baron – La Gigouille 1971 CBS

12 Francis Monkman – Daredevil 1978 Bruton

13 Frank Zappa – How Did That Get In Here? (extr.) 1967 Zappa

14 HP Lovecraft II – At the Mountains of Madness (extr.) 1968 Phillips

15 The Residents – Hello Skinny 1978 Ralph

16 Thee Oh Cees – Always Flying 2012 Castle Face

17 Cluster – Heisse Lippen 1974 Brain

18 Cavern of Anti-Matter – Irradiated Dream Mouth 2013 Grautag

19 The Residents – Beyond the Valley of A Day in the Life/Swastikas on Parade (extr.) 1976 Ralph

20 Magma – “Iss” Lanseï Doïa (extr.) 1971 Phillips

21 Pink Floyd – Jugband Blues 1968 Columbia

Still here, still in wellies

A day in the sickbed gives me the chance to trawl for new stuff including the new Jneiro Janel collab with Doom, aka JJ Doom on Lex Records.

Really interesting interview with JJ on how the album came together:

Well worth checking out JJ’s other stuff to – his aliases include Dr. Who Dat?, Capital Peoples, Panama Blaque, Rocque Wun, Mel Owens, Gwizzo, Phish Bone….

This is a track from the Three Piece Puzzle album:

Nice to check out some hip hop as I’ve been listening to loads of deep house of late, such as Detroit Swindle

Medlar (who also produces as Klic):

and Maxxi Soundsystem:

Also just stumbled across this great blaxploitation video for Luke Vibert’s Respectrum, one of the best tracks from his Toomorrow album:

Have to mention the new Deerhoof album Breakup Songs which I think is real return to form after the slightly disappointing Vs Evil – back to what they do best which is twisted pop songs with nagging hooks and amazing ideas. This is Fête D’Adieu with typically odd video full of them and their geeky mates dancing slo-mo:

My only gripe about Deerhoof’s last two albums is THE DRUMS AREN’T LOUD ENOUGH! Contrast and compare with this warped take on Free’s Alright Now, from Offend Maggie:

Still…..have a look at their FB page to see them in their home studio putting it all together.  Apparently they had to avoid making noise which could explain the drums being a bit quiet.


The Music Library and other reading

This is my first post on WordPress, so hello to both my readers!  I was previously posting on blogspot so if you’re interested you can catch up on my sporadic bits there, here (here, there, everywhere).

Here’s my latest mix on Mixcloud featuring Luke Vibert, J Dilla, Ebo Taylor, Okayplayer’s Bollywood/hip hop mashup, a reggae cover of the Dr. Who theme, and more.

Thanks to my old mucker DJ Dick for the heads up on Radio 4’s recent programme on Library music, which reminded me a) to check out what presenter Jonny Trunk is up to with his fascinating website and label, Trunk Records, b) what a lovely book and CD he put together with help from Jerry Dammers, the Music Library

– always a source of inspiration, especially the artwork.

Oh, and c) – what a genius was Basil Kirchin, composer of albums such as Abstractions of the Industrial North

Basil Kirchin album cover

from which this is a nice track…..

and Primitive London

Basil Kirchin soundtrack album cover

also out on DVD which I’m looking forward to seeing, described as a 1965 Mondo film, complete with teddy boys, strippers, chicken processors and deviants of many types.

Apparently Kirchin, originally a jazz drummer, was way ahead of the curve having spent five months at a temple in India during the early 60s before moving to Sydney. Tragically all the master tapes of his band were lost when his belongings fell into the sea whilst being unloaded at the docks.

Nevertheless he produced some incredible library and soundtrack music which had an obvious influence on bands such as Stereolab and Broadcast (whose singer Trish Keenan sadly died earlier this year.  The last mixtape she made for a close friend is well worth checking out) I can even hear an influence on Soft Machine in some of his stuff.

One last plug for a book I’m reading at the moment

ostensibly a story of how an appreciation all modern music can be bookended by Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” and Alvin Lucier’s I Am Sitting In A Room (no me neither) it is in fact a masterful piece of rock journalism, a history of how and why Paul Morley became the greatest rock writer in the world (his words – but he’s probably right) but much more importantly it lists virtually all of the important musical, technological, cultural events of the modern age.  All in his own very readable style.