This Saturday (7.4.18) at Spiritland – BiggaBush on the decks

Come and hear BiggaBush on the incredible Spiritland sound system in Kings Cross, London…playing a 5 hour vinyl set ranging from Miles Davis to David Axelrod to krautrock to electronica to hip hop to dub to Bigga productions such as Rockers Hi Fi, Lighting Head, Magic Drum Orchestra and more…

You can also hear an exclusive preview of the new album from Glyn Bigga Bush –  Sunken Foal Stories, released on Lion Head Recordings/Schamoni Musik in May 2018.

Admisson free.  20:00 till 01:00.

Podcast 14

Hear it on soundcloud

01 Basil Kirchin – The Dice Is Cast

02 Jesse Fischer/Sly 5th Avenue – Vein Melter

03 Radioactive Man – Steve Chop

04 Henry Greenleaf – Six

05 Bigga Productions – Beat Four

06 The Electromagnetic Azoth – The Left Hand of Nothingness (edit)

07 Khruangbin – Lady & Man

08 The Magic Band – Your Love Brought Me To Life (instrumental)

09 DJ Fulgeance & The Scientist – Imperialist Monsters

10 Stig of the Dump ft. Rag & Bone Man – She

11 Elektrassassin – Untitled

12 Thundercat – 3AM

13 Electric Prunes – General Confessional

14 Moondog – Oo Solo

15 Muhavishla Ravi Hatched – Bombay Palace Part 1

16 King Geedorah – Krazy World

Podcast Twelve

Podcast Twelve on soundcloud

01 Steve Gray – Go For Broke

02 Nico Gomez &His Afro Percussion Inc – Ritual

03 The Residents – Boo Who?

04 Can – Oscura Primavera

05 Tangerine Peel – Trapped

06 Amon Duul II – Soap Shop Rock (ext)

07 Deerhoof – The Perfect Me

08 Thee Oh Cees – Transparent World

09 Madlib Invazion mixed by J Rocc (ext)

10 J Dilla – Make It Fast (unadulterated Mix feat Diz Gibran)

11 Madlib – Rock Konducta (Exts from Side A/Side B)

12 Captain Beyond – A Thousand Days of Yesterday

13 Todd Rundgren – International Feel

14 Paul Bonneau – Univers Sideral

15 Olivier Messiaen – Chant d’Amour 1 (ext)

16 The Jimi Entley Sound – Charlie’s Theme

17 Amon Duul II – Halluzination Guillotine

18 Jefferson Airplane – Today (Diplo beat-up)

19 The Free Design – Harve Daley Hix (Stereolab remix)

20 Gorillaz – Welcome to the Plastic Beach

21 MF DOOM – Tick Tock

22 Glyn Bigga Bush – Baked Beats

Originally broadcast as BBDig#9.

BiggaBush Podcast Five

Podcast Five


02 Stanton Walgrave – Another Suburban Romance (ext)

03 Henry Cow – Nirvana for Mice (ext)

04 Schnauser – As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still

05 Bubbha Thomas And The Lightmen Plus One – The Phantom

06 Sun Ra – The Antique Blacks

07 Dorothy Ashby – Cause I need It

08 Mustapha Ozkent – Karadir Kara

09 Pearly Queen – Quit Jivin

10 Annette Peacock – Survival (ext)

11 Madlib – The String (Heavy Jones)/Two For Pay Jay

12 Herbie Hancock – Party People

13 Anthony Braxton – Five Pieces 1975, No 3

14 The Slits – Face Place/Face Dub

15 Jimi Tenor – Better Than Ever

16 Blockhead – A Better Place (edit)

17 Sun Ra – Sleeping Beauty (ext)

18 Arthur Verocai – Queimadas

19 Yesterdays New Quintet – The Horse

20 Dick Hyman – Give It Up Or Turn Turn It Loose

21 Mulatu Astatke – Asiyo Belema

22 Dionne Warwick – You’re Gonna Need Me

23 Letta Mbulu – Pula Yetla

The Dandy Hour Episode 11

The Dandy Hour Episode 11 by Thedandelionset on Mixcloud

01 The Dandelion Set – Game Plan
02 The Dandelion Set – The Third Programme
03 John Barry – 007 & Counting
04 Minny Pops – Kojak
05 Diplo – Sarah
06 Cecil Leuter & Georges Teperino – Electro Sounds No 8
07 Visitors – Visitors
08 Egg – Long Piece No 3 Part 2
09 Casualties of Jazz – Luke’s Wall/War Pigs
10 Flaming Lips – Are You A Hypnotist?
11 Schnauser – I Wuv You Mummy
12 Jon Poole – Swim My Own Blood
13 Bigga Productions – Cyclogyro
14 Lisa Carbon – Dry Clean America
15 Suicide – Rocket USA
16 Craig Armstrong – Starless II 

Bigga’s Best of 2012 Selection


BiggaBush Mix Best of 2012 by Biggabush on Mixcloud

This is inevitably something of a snapshot of some of the tunes that have floated my boat during the past 12 months (regardless of when they were released).  I have intentionally left out tracks that I’ve included on previous mixes – many of which could have qualified for this end of year round-up.

Here’s the tracklist followed by some background info:

1. Scrimshire – Sonolo
2. Super Hi Fi – March of the Frogs (Myles Boisen Mix)
3. Fid Mella – Marling
4. Little Brother – Lovin It (instrumental)
5. Prince Fatty – Shimmy Shimmy
6. Hot 8 Brass Band – Ghost Town
7. Jneiro Janel – Lock Down
8. Brenk – Concrete Jungle
9. Soul Sugar – Bon Esprit (alt mix)
10. Deerhoof – Flower
11. Paper Plane – What You Want
12. Andres – Step To The Side
13. Al Hirt – Senteries Charge (DJ Buzz & Preddy Edit)
14. Broadcast & The Focus Group – The Be Colony
15. Alice Russell – Got the Hunger (Ticklah remix)
16. dZihan & Kamien – Rockit
17. James Beige – 7 Brides
18. Paulo Zavallone – Papillon Rouge
19. James Johnston – Faces & Traces of Home
20. Scrimshire – All I Do (feat. Stac)
21. Brims – Anti Gandja
22. Cosmin TRG – Negligee
23. Lee Fields – Steam Train
24. Shark Move – Evil War
25. Ilaiyaraaja : S.P. Sailaja & Malaysia Vasudevan – Nettrikan – Raja Rani Jaaki
26. Bappi Lahiri – He Met Me In The Guest House
27. Wendy & Bonnie – It’s What’s Really Happening
28. Ennio Morricone – Adonai
29. Andres – Set U Free
30. Cosmin TRG – Broken Heart (Martyns DCM remix)
31. Ruff Sqwad – Xtra

A Free EP: Forgotten Songs cover art

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Scrimshire is a name I’d noticed here and there but not really checked out his stuff till I stumbled across his very lovely re-edit of Stevie Wonder’s Golden Lady. He’s recently released a free mini-album of tracks that didn’t make it onto his “The Hollow” album.  He’s also part of the Wah Wah 45 label which in itself is a recommendation.

The Everlasting Mountain is an interesting blog he’s written about aspects of the creative and recording process, well worth a look. 

I’ve included two tracks from this ep, Sonolo for it’s widescreen production and shimmering strings, and All I Do, more of which later.

Super Hi Fi – March of the Frogs (Myles Boisen Mix)/Soul Sugar Bon Esprit (Alternate Mix)

“Dis s Good For You” is a nice new afro-flavoured comp from the Paris DJs with some excellent full live afrobeat, funk and reggae tracks.

Fid Mella – Marling/Brenk – Concrete Jungle

Vienna beat-smiths Fid Mella and Brenk Sinatra have been among my most-played this year, hence this track and Concrete Jungle.  Fid Mella’s album “Tatas Plottn” (“Daddy’s Discs”) melds his characteristic beat-chopping with a whole bunch of early 70s prog rock, soul and reggae samples, an irresistible combination to these ears.

Tatas Plottn cover artPredido (Gumbo II Teaser) cover art

Check em both out on bandcamp:

Fid Mella        Brenk

Little Brother – Lovin It (instrumental)

DJing in Turkey recently I heard these amazing 9th Wonder beats for the first time, sampling The Stylistics heart-rending “One Night Affair”. 

Prince Fatty – Shimmy Shimmy Ya

This HAS to be in the playlist a) because it was on Breaking Bad, TV’s own version of crystal meth for straight up addictive qualities and b) because I’ve only just come across Prince Fatty, contemporary dub-meister, in the spirit of the true Jamaican originals.  Also just found out it’s an Old Dirty Bastard cover – who’da thunk it?

Hot 8 Brass Band – Ghost Town

Blaring brass and a classic Specials song – nuff said.

Jneiro Janel – Lock Down

Still haven’t got to grips with his collab with Doom, which on paper should be amazing but hasn’t quite hit the spot yet, but here he is on his own doing the biz.


Deerhoof – Flower

Deerhoof still get frequent plays in my day to day travels and their new album Breakup Song is a fine return to form.


What You Want ft. Raashan Ahmad cover art

Paper Plane Project – What You Want

Feelgood beats and hip hop from Sydney, Australia,

Andres - II

Andres is a producer with a large body of work behind him on both a beats and a house tip.  Couldn’t resist his Step to the Side track which samples Roundabout by Yes nor the more uptempo Set U Free.

Al Hirt – Senteries Charge (DJ Buzz & Preddy Edit)

Another tune I picked up in Turkey played by our wonderful host Ahmet Gunes.

Al Hirt was an American trumpet player who was nicknamed ‘Jumbo’ and ‘The Round Mound of Sound’This cut is an edit by Dj Buzz & Preddy, yet more Viennese taste-makers who form part of the Waxolutionists crew.

Broadcast & The Focus Group – The Be Colony

I have raved about these on previous blogs so nothing to add except you can still hear the late, great Trish Keenan’s Mindbending Motorway Mix on soundcloud.

Trish's Mind Bending Motorway Mix

Alice Russell – Got the Hunger (Ticklah remix)

A recent search for new-ish non-JA reggae threw up Ticklah aka Victor Axelrod of Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra and sometime member of Easy Star All Stars whose work I was familiar but had neglected for quite a while. Like Prince Fatty, a master of the analogue process, live vintage instruments and of course the Roland Space Echo.

dZihan & Kamien – Rockit

Great version of the Herbie Hancock tune from Tom Middleton’s Crazy Covers comp.

James Beige – 7 Brides 

Two great friends of mine who are based in Basel, Switzerland and this is a track from their new mini-album Return of Make Believe. Look out for their DJ sets as Golightly and the Duke of Tunes.

Paulo Zavallone – Papillon Rouge

Hard-pressed to choose a favourite library track from the vast amount out there but 2012 was the year I finally got all three of the  excellent Music For Dancefloors series on Strut, of which this was the latest.

James Johnston – Faces & Traces of Home

Nice slow burner from the Boogie Originals geezer, see also 6th Borough Project, The Revenge and OOFT!

Scrimshire – All I Do (feat. Stac)

Had to include this as it appears to be a faithful cover of Tammi Terrell’s “All I Do Is Think About You”, as sampled by Medlar on his exquisite Terrell tune, which really should be in this playlist too.

Brims – Anti Gandja/Shark Move – Evil War

Another superb release from Now Again, this time a collection of proggy rock and raw funk from Indonesia, called Those Shocking Shaking Days.  Love the extreme Ozzy soundalike on Evil War.

Cosmin TRG – Negligee/Broken Heart (Martyn’s DCM remix)

Another new find, Romanian producer Cosmin Nicolae started out doing dubstep as TRG then moved into D&B and is now heading more into techno and deep house.

Everything he produces seems to have a really fresh sound….the remix of his Broken Heart is a particular favourite.

Lee Fields – Steam Train

Thanks to Alex Cooper (Southsound radio) for this and quite a few other tunes I’ve got into this year. On the excellent Desco (now Daptone) label.

Ilaiyaraaja : S.P. Sailaja & Malaysia Vasudevan – Nettrikan – Raja Rani Jaaki/Bappi Lahiri – He Met Me In The Guest House

A short foray into Bolly-and Kollywood sounds courtesy Andy Votel’s ever-dependable Finders Keepers label.  This music never fails to astonish and delight in equal measure.  Maybe it’s because it’s composed as a movie score, I just love the way the tunes mutate and switch gear in such a seamless way.

Wendy & Bonnie – It’s What’s Really Happening

Another Andy Votel connection as he picked one of their tracks for his Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word comps.  This sees the estranged 60s duo rocking out in a way that clearly was a major influence on Stereolab and Broadcast.

Ennio Morricone – Adonai

….speaking of whom this is the opening track on James Broadcast’s Mix for Outer Church, well worth checking for a diverse range of crazy Italian horror-related music.

Ruff Sqwad – Xtra

A late final addition of instrumental grime from an album perhaps surprising in it’s diversity and historical perspective on the evolution of 00s music…..thanks to these dedicated Fruity Loopers we now have the likes of Hudson Mohawke.

That’s all folks. Enjoy.

Still here, still in wellies

A day in the sickbed gives me the chance to trawl for new stuff including the new Jneiro Janel collab with Doom, aka JJ Doom on Lex Records.

Really interesting interview with JJ on how the album came together:

Well worth checking out JJ’s other stuff to – his aliases include Dr. Who Dat?, Capital Peoples, Panama Blaque, Rocque Wun, Mel Owens, Gwizzo, Phish Bone….

This is a track from the Three Piece Puzzle album:

Nice to check out some hip hop as I’ve been listening to loads of deep house of late, such as Detroit Swindle

Medlar (who also produces as Klic):

and Maxxi Soundsystem:

Also just stumbled across this great blaxploitation video for Luke Vibert’s Respectrum, one of the best tracks from his Toomorrow album:

Have to mention the new Deerhoof album Breakup Songs which I think is real return to form after the slightly disappointing Vs Evil – back to what they do best which is twisted pop songs with nagging hooks and amazing ideas. This is Fête D’Adieu with typically odd video full of them and their geeky mates dancing slo-mo:

My only gripe about Deerhoof’s last two albums is THE DRUMS AREN’T LOUD ENOUGH! Contrast and compare with this warped take on Free’s Alright Now, from Offend Maggie:

Still…..have a look at their FB page to see them in their home studio putting it all together.  Apparently they had to avoid making noise which could explain the drums being a bit quiet.


End of Year Approaches

My website is now live so apologies for any mishaps during the construction process. Meanwhile here’s the latest news:

After several month’s intensive studio work I finished my new album, “Music By The Yard” in early December and plan to release it as a download in January 2012, hopefully with a CD version following. It’s quite a departure from the previous stuff I’ve done – part beat-tape, part library resource, part abstract breaks/prog rock sampler. The album was created in a flurry of activity between February and December 2011 and features 23 tracks designed to be played in any order.

This is “6 Figure Some”

The album reflects a lot of the stuff I was getting into through 2011, starting with the huge effect Suite For Ma Dukes – an orchestral tribute to J Dilla:

had on me, which then took me back to the hip hop and gave me an appreciation I’d never really had before. I hope I’ve done this justice on the new album…here’s another tune, “The Karaoke Sauron”, named after Marina Hyde‘s acerbic take on the evil mastermind behind the X-Factor.

You can check out my latest Mixcloud session to get more of an idea where I’m coming from.

Another big influence – not only for hairy funk grooves, and prog stompers – but also for brevity of tracks – were Andy Votel’s epic mixes, especially Vertigo Mixed,

Music To Watch Girls Cry

and Songs in The Key Of Death on Fat City

….the fuzzed up guitars, leaden drumbeats and wonky time-signatures really took me back to my youth, obsessively staring at the Vertigo spiral as it span on my parent’s radiogram and seemed to go into 3-D (without taking any drugs, honest)

on albums such as Black Sabbath and Gentle Giant’s first eponymous releases, the latter featuring this one:

…so it was quite buzz to hear that Madlib and MF Doom had sampled this track “Funny Ways” on their excellent Madvillainy album:

So the template for this record was essentially short tracks, textures, beat-heavy and with elements of prog rock, library music and LOTS of strings…and plenty of non 4/4 rhythms.

Above all 2011 has been the year I’ve started buying records (as opposed to CDs and mp3s) again, not only from carboots (although these have been particularly fruitful) but also seeking out second vinyl shops, which have been on the up this year. Like the fantastic Disc-O-Box shops in Weymouth and Blandford, Dorset.  If you’re in the area, give them your support, they are an invaluable public service, with tons of great vinyl plus CDs and DVDs!

Early in the new year I’ll be posting a special mix of the album, interspersed with lots of spoken word snippets.

Meanwhile here’s another track – Horizontal Hold – with film shot on my Digital Harinezumi.

Brass frolics and gnarly knobs

In London at the weekend for a rival wedding and a highlight of the day was parading from Sutton House to Chat’s Palace in Hackney, led by the Hackney Colliery Band – an eight-piece drum n brass outfit with a real ear for rousing tunes with bubbling bottom end, funky sousaphone and rampant snare.

Here’s them covering Toto’s Africa: don’t worry, it’s way more palatable than the original.


I was later delighted when they launched into one of my favourite brass tracks, “Brooklyn” by Youngblood Brass Band who can be seen here doing it at the Big Chill (R.I.P.) in 2005:


On the subject of funky sousaphone, or Sousaphunk as I like to call it, here’s the Diesler/BiggaBush remix of that track from the last Lightning Head album.  I have a whole album’s worth of remixes from that period that for one reason or another never saw the light of day, so watch this space for more links and release info.

Other stuff that’s been floating my boat this week has been the amazing Madlib/MF Doom collab on Stones Throw from 2004, “Madvillainy”, and wouldn’t you know it, here’s the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble playing one of my top tunes from the album, called Rainbows:


Here’s Madvillain’s version:


Love that Sun Ra sample.

Going further into Stones Throw territory today I stumbled across an interesting sound from artist Dam Funk, with a track called Mirrors:


WORK that keytar, Damien…

Finally for some reason Hudson Mohawke came into my consciousness over the weekend, someone I originally heard on the excellent first Beat Dimensions comp.  Here’s a typically crazy track, sort of Todd Rundgren on helium with gas mark 10 beats and full-on DX7s:


Hope you enjoy.