A day in the sickbed gives me the chance to trawl for new stuff including the new Jneiro Janel collab with Doom, aka JJ Doom on Lex Records.

Really interesting interview with JJ on how the album came together:

Well worth checking out JJ’s other stuff to – his aliases include Dr. Who Dat?, Capital Peoples, Panama Blaque, Rocque Wun, Mel Owens, Gwizzo, Phish Bone….

This is a track from the Three Piece Puzzle album:

Nice to check out some hip hop as I’ve been listening to loads of deep house of late, such as Detroit Swindle

Medlar (who also produces as Klic):

and Maxxi Soundsystem:

Also just stumbled across this great blaxploitation video for Luke Vibert’s Respectrum, one of the best tracks from his Toomorrow album:

Have to mention the new Deerhoof album Breakup Songs which I think is real return to form after the slightly disappointing Vs Evil – back to what they do best which is twisted pop songs with nagging hooks and amazing ideas. This is Fête D’Adieu with typically odd video full of them and their geeky mates dancing slo-mo:

My only gripe about Deerhoof’s last two albums is THE DRUMS AREN’T LOUD ENOUGH! Contrast and compare with this warped take on Free’s Alright Now, from Offend Maggie:

Still…..have a look at their FB page to see them in their home studio putting it all together.  Apparently they had to avoid making noise which could explain the drums being a bit quiet.