BiggaBush Mix June 2013: The Complete Works of Wavelad by Biggabush on Mixcloud

Now available on bandcamp

Wavelad was a sampladelic project I worked on in the early 00s, when mashups were first starting to proliferate, although the Wavelad idea was really more about collecting hundreds of potential loops and samples – many found on albums purchased at car boot sales – and just seeing what worked together. Thus it was possible to put a King Crimson loop over a King Britt breakbeat with a Lenny Kravitz guitar riff and a Robert Wyatt bass clarinet. Everything was constructed in a program called Acid, a sort of precursor to Ableton Live in which you could instantly timestretch loops to play together. This resulted in an album’s worth of music, called Operation One, but due to the huge amount of uncleared samples there was never any prospect of a release. This album has been augmented in the Complete Works of Wavelad with some other stand-alone tracks and expanded to a full 75 minute megamix. The final Rockers Hi Fi release, Times Up, featured an epic Wavelad remix, which also appears here.

Here’s a run down of the titles I gave the tracks and as much of the source material as I can remember:

1. Into the Abyss (The Abyssinians)

link – Radio Armenia (The Who “Armenia City in the Sky”)

2. The Again Man (Mandingo “Sacrifice”, Birds n Brass “Sort of Soul”, Frank Sinatra, London Moods Orchestra)

3. Maha Love High (Mahavishnu Orchestra “Miles Ahead”, Rose Royce “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”, Techno Twins, Bob Marley, Sparks)

link (Stylophone 350s keyboard demonstration disk)

4. Excuse Me (The Herbaliser sampling Shirley Bassey?)

link – Moonixon (A Nixon impersonator reads the speech that was prepared in the event of the Apollo 11 moon landing mission failing, backed with the London Symphony Orchestra’s “I’m Not In Love”)

5. Blue Zone (Egg “Symphony No.2 Part 1”, Bootman Break)

6. Disco Memory (David Shire “Salsation”, Mandrill “Hang Loose”, The Cardigans “Erase / Rewind” )

link Unda Ya Hose  (Prince Paul “Psychoanalysis (What Is It?)”)

7. On The Boom Chick (King Crimson “Sailor’s Tale” & “Moonchild”, Atomic Rooster “Tomorrow Night”, something off a drum demonstration album, Ras T Weed Rockers Hi Fi outtake)

link – Speakeasy (The Who Sell Out again)

8. Vision Tonite (John Martyn “Small Hours”, Procol Harum, Prince “When 2R In Love”)

link – Radio EXP (Jimi Hendrix “EXP”)

9. Come To Archive (The Commodores [not Lionel Richie as it says on the Mixcloud page], Gomez, Frank Zappa “Uncle Meat Variations”, Prince “When 2R In Love”)

link (The Dick Kunc Story from Frank Zappa “The Lost Episodes”)

10. Etch A Skratch (The Commodores, Roxy Music “2HB”, Lenny Kravitz “Freedom Train”, King Crimson “Epitaph”, Robert Wyatt “Solar Flares”)

11. Murder (Macy Gray “I’ve Committed Murder”, Ron Grainer OST “The Prisoner”, Rotary Connection “Inside My Love”, Sun Ra “News From Neptune”)

12. Root Loop (John Martyn “Root Love”, David Sylvian “Taking The Veil”,Jack Bruce “Never Tell Your Mother She’s Out Of Tune”, Billy May “Come Dance With Me”)

13. Fantabata (Luciano Perrone Batucada Fantastica)

link – Revox of Wavelad (Shantel “Tempest Dub”, Prince Buster “10 Commandments”, The Who Sell Out)

14. 15/8 Beats (Man Parrish “Hip Hop Don’t Stop”, Love Unlimited Orchestra “Midnight Groove”, Frankie Bones “Another Time Another Place”, White Knight, Keith LeBlanc “Malcolm X”, Gino Latino “Welcome”, Pressure Drop “Warrior” [BiggaBush unreleased mix]

15. Times Up (Wavelad Breaks on 1200 mix)

16. Stolen Summer (Bobby Goldsborough “Summer (The First Time)”, A Certain Ratio “There’s Only This”)

link (London Symphony Orchestra’s “I’m Not In Love”, Rolf Harris from Stylophone 350s as above)

17. Follow The Van (Van McCoy “The Disco Kid”)

18. A Few Words (Edgar Broughton Band, “Dawn Crept Away”)