All digital formats available on this 7 track ep on bandcamp.

Some early reactions to the music of The Dandelion Set:

This is really beautiful stuff man!
Andrew Lojero, Plug Research/Art Don’t Sleep

This is nice stuff
Richard Dorfmeister

Really digging this stuff…very groovy!
Tim “Love” Lee, Tummy Touch

Very nice indeed
Strictly Kev, DJ Food

I’ll certainly be playing your stuff in fact I’m loving it
Femi Fem,

thanks for hitting me up.
this is indeed up my alley – kind of like your own take on the hauntological nature of Ghost Box Records + BBC Radiophonics.
excellent stuff man
Mersenne, Undomundo

not bad at all, in a retro futurist way
Jonny Trunk

Lovely stuff!! I’m diggin’ your latest moves for sure.
Stephen Hernandez,
Radio Phoenix

Thanks for sending…I’m interested in everything you do
Garth Trinidad

Love this stuff, not so far from my own.
Ollie Cherer, Dollboy

Beau Rocker, Original Dub Dynamite

I love it.  It sounds really special