Julius Van Der Bilt presents the latest edition of the Dandy Hour.

01. Pataphysical Intro Part 2  -Soft Machine
02. Sacrifice of the moon part 4 – Ultimate Spinach
03. Flutes ad Libitum – Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen
04. Electric to me turn – Bruce Haack
05. Sun Jah – The Dandelion Set
06. Wir rufen Luna 3  – Andrzej Morkowski (OST The Silent Stars)
07. Das Licht – Ruth Hohmann & Erbe Chor (OST In the Dust of the Stars)
including extract from ‘Bleep and Booster’ BBC TV series
08. Pioneers over c.. -Van der Graaf Generator
09. Proton Storm – Berry Lipman (OST Star Maidens)
10.Ext.from Once around Altair -Louis and Bebe Barron (OST Forbidden Planet)
11.Batchain Puller – Capt Beefheart & his Magic Band
12. ext from Auto-Light: ‘Wheels’ -Raymond Scott
13. Sirens of Salo -Jimi Tenor
15. Freefall – James Beige
16. Kew. rhone.- Kew.Rhone.
17. Lluniau – Trwbador
18. Life is strange – The Fugs
19. A Golden Age – Dollboy
20. Imogen’s People – The Dandelion set
21. IBM Mt/St: “The Paperwork Explosion” -Raymond Scott
22. Highway 101 – John Barry

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